As a brand that’s driven by innovation with a passion for technology, we’re taking a step forward with the introduction of our first NFT which will be available in 3 editions, GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. JG Lawsuit NFT will harness our lawsuit versus Nike, which has created an uphill battle in a frivolous lawsuit that was only put forth to slow down momentum of competition. Through art and creativity we have been able to continue to build out our community and speak for the underdog.


After much research to understand the current and future landscapes of NFT and its community, we have taken this opportunity to create something special for our supporters to be owners of. Each NFT features the official Nike lawsuit documents signed by John Geiger alongside a virtual GF-01 that’ll all be coated in either silver, bronze or gold. They will be very limited with only 1 gold edition, 3 silver editions and 5 bronze editions ever being minted. Each NFT will come with a physical art piece of the GF-01 in GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE. Each NFT will have real world product and events to be unlocked along the journey.


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