Release Information: 002 Low by John Geiger Highlighter Pack

Release Information: 002 Low by John Geiger Highlighter Pack

With summer officially at the halfway point and the clock ticking, we've readied another release for the warmer season featuring our 002 Low model. Following up the two iterations of the Volt color-way (Volt/Hyper Green & Friends & Family), we are proud to announce another double release featuring our Highlighter Pack. The first color-way being the Pink/Lime 002 Low is paired with the Orange/White 002 Low color-way; both color-ways truly exemplifying the vibrancy of the summer's heat and radiance.

Each color-way is dominated by its focal hue of orange or pink while being aided by a white sole, black-and-white laces and an orange or lime green toggle and pull respectively. The Orange/White 002 Low has white zig zag stitching while the Pink/Lime 002 Low has lime zig zag stitching. Both color-ways comes with two additional laces.

The Highlighter Pack will be made available for purchase on Saturday, August 10th at Noon EST via our online shop. You will be able to purchase each color-way individually but we will also provide you with the option of purchasing it as a dual-pack but it will be limited to only 100 orders as each pack will come with both color-ways and a limited tie-dye JG-branded socks. Individually, the two separate color-ways will not be limited to only 100 pairs as they will have larger quantities so don't be alarmed. 

Individually they will be priced at $320 but the pack, including both, will be priced at $650.

The campaign images were shot on location in Washington, D.C.

Photographer: @districtdodger


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