Release Information: 003 by John Geiger 'Black Python'

Release Information: 003 by John Geiger 'Black Python'

Release Information: After our most extensive apparel release yet, we switch gears to announce the upcoming release of the 2nd color-way of the 003 silhouette. The latest model sports a black upper consisting of python skin with a blue/green holographic stripe and black-and-white laces. The outsole is seen in a bright white, completing the overall exquisite aesthetic of this model.

"With the black python being my favorite color-way I've designed thus far, we decided to shoot myself in a day-to-day environment. Traveling has become my weekly routine, whether it's for business, family and leisure. With a lot of my ideas coming from traveling." 

The 003 by John Geiger 'Black Python' will be priced at 320USD and will release at Noon EST on Friday, March 27th via our online shop.

Addressing the Coronavirus: With everything going on with the Coronavirus, we have been at a crossroads in deciding whether we should release or not. We have made the decision to continue with our release calendar as we help in providing so many individuals with employment and it would be a travesty if we jeopardized their livelihoods in this time of crisis.

Priding ourselves on being able to produce and manufacture here in the U.S is another reason for us to push through this time but we will be making sure that the safety and health of our employees are of utmost importance.

With all that said, we will be releasing the 003 by John Geiger ‘Black Python’ color-way on Friday, March 27th at Noon EST via our online shop. As a courtesy we will be giving each customer a 10% discount code that’ll be written in the newsletter on release day.

We hope that you stay safe and healthy throughout all of this.

Photographer: District Dodger