Release Information: GF-01 'Teal/Peach'

After the historic release of the 1st GF-01 color-way, the GF-01 'Teal/Peach' follows up with a more vibrant and attention-grabbing color-way. The second color-way in the GF-01 lineup is set to release on Saturday, December 12th at Noon EST. Apart of this release is the Orange/Teal JG Chenille Patch Basketball Shorts.

Though John was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Miami acts as his second home. Because of this, Miami continues to inspire and influence him in a multitude of ways. The latest way being the GF-01 'Teal/Peach' color-way. The 'Teal/Peach' rendition boasts its pebbled leather exterior coated in Teal and is paired with the uncanny use of Chenille material for the 'g' logo that wraps around the GF silhouette. Coming with Teal laces, the color-way feels almost uniform but also tantalizing due to the potency of striking colors and materials. Its outsole and 'JG' pattern are both sealed in the Teal to complete the bottom of the shoe.

The GF-01 'Teal/Peach' will release this Saturday, December 12th at Noon EST via our online store for $195. The 'Orange/Teal' JG Chenille Patch Basketball Shorts will also be available for $150.

For the lookbook, @fellahboy was tapped to model the beautiful color-way while being photographed by @blackliger_. For John, this was the perfect match for the release due to his respect for Fellah's talents and resilience.

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