Release Information: GF-01 'Multi-Tweed'

Boasting a robust and extensive multi-tweed pattern, our latest GF-01 'Multi-Tweed' color-way is another reminder of our brand’s infatuation with taking a range of materials/ideas and creating a exuberant sense of style and quality. Resulting in yet another highly anticipated and coveted color-way that releases Friday, February 12th.

Delving into the intricate details, it’s given a comfortable tan mesh interior with a white heel tab, outsole and ‘g’ logo while white-and-black laces assist in completing and elevating the ‘Multi-Tweed’ GF-01. All in all, making for an eye-soothing color-way but also a bold statement piece to have on your feet.

This color-way will release Friday, February 12th at Noon EST via our online store and it’ll be priced at $200. 

Photographer: Thomas Welch

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