Release Information: JG SZN 2 Drop 1

Release Information: JG SZN 2 Drop 1

After rolling out the first two color-ways of the GF-01 silhouette in the last couple weeks, we now divert our attention to the approaching release of our JG SZN 2 Drop 1 collection and the return of the 002 High 'OG' happening this Saturday, December 19th at Noon EST.

* As mentioned, we will be bringing back our 002 High 'OG', in its Black/White/Lime color-way due to its demand and popularity. This color-way will be limited so please act swiftly when it releases. It will be priced $350.

Headlining our SZN 2 Drop 1 is our 'Underdog' Letterman Jacket. The 'Underdog' letterman is a heavyweight and high-quality jacket given a wool body, accentuated by genuine leather sleeves. The jacket is completed with front and back Chenille patches of JG branding and graphic text. The 'Underdog' letterman will come in two color-ways (Copper/Pink & Black/Lime). This jacket will be priced at $350.

In the tops department, we will also be releasing our 'Numbers' hoodie in two color-ways. Led by the saying of 'I Just Never Save Phone Numbers', this hoodie will come in two color-ways of Copper and Black and be priced at $180.

Our last top option comes in the form of a flannel that's seen in a brown color-way with 'John Geiger' branding. This flannel will be priced at $180

Looking to the pants department, we will be releasing two new color-ways of our Pocket Pants. The first color-way is Copper/Khaki, with a Teal toggle for adjustment, while the second color-way is Grey, with a Lime toggle for adjustment. Both will be priced at $320.

However the selection of bottoms don't stop there as we look to release two new sweatpants. The 'John Geiger' branded sweatpants are given a varsity-style treatment to complement the 'Underdog' letterman jacket and will release in two color-ways of black and grey. Both will be priced at $160.

Lastly, the Bungee pants return in a Black/Lime color-way while being priced at $290.

All items will be available for purchase this Saturday, December 19th at Noon EST via our online store.

Photographer: Thomas Welch

Stylist: Talia Bella

Model: JC Beckford