Release Information: The 002 High & Low by John Geiger Away Game 'OG'

Release Information: The 002 High & Low by John Geiger Away Game 'OG'

Still feeling the overall reception and popularity of the 002 by John Geiger OG 'Black/Lime' color-way, we have prepared a special release as the year dwindles to a close. This Black Friday, we are taking the OG 002 color-way and giving it a very dominant and appropriate makeover for the season as we look to partake in the Black Friday fun. Dubbed the 'Away Game OG', this color-way is the OG 002 with a solid black outsole; making the shoe completely black except for its three attachments and accents (lime green toggle and pull, lime green zig zag stitching and black and white laces). Though all black, this color-way embodies everything about the John Geiger brand.

The 'Away Game OG' 002 is not only the perfect statement to go militant throughout the darker months of the year, but a perfect shoe for any weather and situation. Not only is the black outsole durable but it's extremely easy to clean so you could wear these daily without the fear of them getting dirty easily.

Here's where things get interesting, we are not only releasing the high version of this shoe but we are also releasing the low version so it's a true 'pick your poison' dilemma. 

Look for both shoes to release Black Friday, November 29th at Noon EST via our online store. The 'Away Game OG' High will be priced at 350USD while the 'Away Game OG' Low will be priced at $320. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on this upcoming release.

Images shot by District Dodger.